If a Man Really Loves You, He Will Do These 22 Things

,Your boyfriend SAYS he loves you, but sometimes you’re not sure. Either that’s because he’s so different from the men you’ve been with in past relationships…or you’ve never been in love before.

So, how do you KNOW if a guy really loves you?

If a Man Really Loves You, He Will…


Sure, every guy is different and will show his feelings differently, but I’m willing to bet that if your man is in love, he’ll show at least a few of the following signs.

1. Compromise

A relationship is all about balance. Sometimes you get your way…sometimes he gets his. But the point is: he’s willing to compromise rather than force his will on you.

Ask yourself: Does he pout when he doesn’t get his way, or is he happy as long as you are?

2. Do Sweet Things for You

A man in love does whatever he can to make his lady smile. Maybe he picks wildflowers for you…makes you a killer latte on Sunday morning…or just sends a sweet text to say he’s thinking of you.

Ask yourself: Does he often surprise you with thoughtful ways to show he cares? Or are you the one doing all the sweet things?

3. Be Happy to Meet Your Friends and Family

A man who’s only in it for sex will make every excuse under the sun not to meet your friends and family. Even a guy who isn’t fully committed will avoid what is obviously a declaration that this is something serious.

But if he’s willing and eager to meet the people that matter to you, this is a great sign! If a man really loves you, he will want to be a part of your life.

Ask yourself: What’s his response when you ask him to meet people in your life? Is he ready to plan a dinner with your friends, or does he have excuses?

4. Show You

If a man really loves you, he will show you that he does. He won’t want to keep those feelings bottled up! Even if he’s not saying “I love you” yet, he may quietly be showing you how he feels with his actions. Pay attention!

Ask yourself: Have his actions changed recently? Has he been more attentive and caring? It might be because he’s fallen for you!

5. Be Protective


A man in love wants to protect his lady. No, you don’t need him to keep you safe, but realize it’s just part of a man’s nature. Accepting it doesn’t make you a weak damsel in distress; it makes you a lady in love!

Ask yourself: Does he walk on the traffic side of the road to protect you from cars? Does he bristle up on a dark street and pull you close? It’s all good!

6. Be a Good Communicator

A man in love knows how important it is to communicate his feelings, whether he’s feeling happy or frustrated. If he loves you, he won’t clam up when you have a disagreement. Instead, he’ll be open about how it makes him feel so you two can work through it.

Ask yourself: How does he handle uncomfortable conversations? When you try to get him to talk about it, does he, or does he avoid it?

7. Talk About the Future

If this guy loves you, he’s not afraid to make plans with you, whether that’s three weeks or three months (or even three years) out. Realize when he talks about things like going to visit his family at Christmas several months out, he’s being vulnerable to you, so be sensitive to that fact.

Ask yourself: How does he respond when you bring up the future? Does he avoid the conversation or get excited to make plans?

8. Make You a Priority


He doesn’t need to put you above hanging out with his friends or doing the things he enjoys all the time, but you definitely should have a sense that you matter to him.

Ask yourself: Does this man make you a priority over other things in his life? Or do you feel like you take the backseat to everything else?

9. Ask Your Opinion

A man in love with you cares about what you think about everything from what color shirt he should wear to dinner to whether or not he should quit his job to start a new business. He values your opinion.

Ask yourself: Does he consider your opinion or just write off what you suggest?

10. Be Vulnerable with You

It’s incredibly hard for most men to be vulnerable. Sometimes moreso than women! But if he’s opening up to you and sharing deeply personal things, you know he’s probably in love.

Ask yourself: Has he shared more and more over time? Do you see him pouring his heart out to you?

11. Be a Man of His Word

For this guy, his word is his bond. He says something and then he follows through. Not everyone does, so realize you’re lucky to have this!

Ask yourself: Do you feel like you can rely on him? Do you trust him? Trust is a great foundation for a serious relationship.

12. Never Lie to You

If a man really loves you, he will never lie to you. He will know that you can handle the truth and that you will love him back for all his flaws, so there’s no need to hide them.

Ask yourself: Have you ever had any doubts about his honesty to you?

13. Treat You Like the Queen You Are


You may not be used to being treated so well, but this man worships you and it feels pretty darn great. He gets nothing out of treating you like a queen…except making you smile.

Ask yourself: How does this guy treat you? Do your friends comment on how well he does?

14. Pursue You

You should never, ever have to chase a man that truly cares about you. He will pursue you and do whatever he can to show you his feelings.

Ask yourself: Do you feel like you’re giving chase or that he is? Or that it’s even?

15. Make Your Life Better

A man who loves you wants to make your life better, not worse. He will be there for you during hard times and make you feel supported and loved.

Ask yourself: Is your life better or worse for having this man in it?

16. Show You Off

This guy should be proud to have you on his arm, and he should want to show you off to everyone.

Ask yourself: Do you feel like he’s proud to be with you in public, or does he avoid introducing you to people he knows?

17. Truly See You

If a man really loves you, he will truly see you. What do I mean by that? He’ll see your authentic self, not the person he wishes you were. He will love you for who you are.

Ask yourself: Do you feel like he wants you to be someone you’re not or that he cares about you, warts and all?

18. Really Listen to You


This man should completely hear you, not just listen a little and then respond with what he thinks you should do or how you should feel. It’s called active listening, and it’s a way for him to be fully present with you.

Ask yourself: Do you feel like he’s fully engaged when you open up, or like he’s already thinking of what he’ll say?

19. Express His Feelings

A man in love will express his feelings, no matter how scary that can be. He may be nervous about how you’ll respond, but he’ll take the risk.

Ask yourself: Is he open about his feelings about all things, or does he hold back?

20. Try to Please You

Making you happy should be his goal if he’s in love. He wants to make sure that you appreciate what he has to offer, so he’ll make sure to step up his game.

Ask yourself: Is he a giver or a taker? How balanced is it in the relationship?

21. Make Plans

Beyond just talking about things in the future, this man is painting a life with you. He’s talking about moving in together (“where would you want to live?”), meeting your kids, or even getting married down the road.

Ask yourself: Is he making an effort to discuss what you both want as #relationshipgoals?

22. Support You

This guy is your biggest cheerleader. You got a promotion and he was ready with a bottle of bubbly. A man in love will support you, no matter what you do.

Ask yourself: Do you feel supported in this relationship?


Now that you know more of what a man in love will do, you probably have a better idea of what his feelings are for you.

Share in the comments below: after reading this, do you believe your man is in love with you?


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