How to Act Around a Guy You Like (3 Things to Do!)

Are you the type of woman who usually has no problem talking to guys?

But when you meet a guy you really like, your mind goes BLANK.

Who am I?

What’s my name again?

This guy is so hot, I literally don’t know what to do. 

I call this mush-brain.

Your brain turns into mush, and you can no longer remember who you are or how to act.

Sound familiar?

This is holding you back from potentially creating an amazing relationship with the man of your dreams.

But don’t worry, it happens to SO many of my clients.

This is why I teach the three Ps of how to act around a guy you really like.

These three mindsets are all that stand between you and a connection with that great guy.

The great news is they’re simple to remember and put into practice TODAY.

If you’re serious about finding love, then it’s time to get serious about the things you’re saying and doing.

Practice the three Ps, and you’ll finally be that confident woman you’ve been striving to be.

Next time you meet an amazing man who gets your heart racing, remember these three Ps.

You won’t go wrong.

I’d love to hear about your mush-brain experiences, ladies. Drop me a comment below.

Your Coach,

how to act around a guy you like

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