5 Signs He’s Dating Other Women [RUN!]

Have you ever started dating a new guy and wondered how to know if he’s still dating other women?

It’s totally acceptable for him (and you) to be seeing other people up to a certain point.

I’m all about keeping your options open until you find someone special who is worth giving up your singleness for. 

But if you think you’re dating this guy exclusively, then it’s time to make sure that you are.

I work with so many women who ignore obvious signs that their guy is still dating other women. 

You deserve so much more than a man who is treating you like an option.

So, it’s time to find out if he’s secretly seeing other women on the side.

If he is, RUN as fast as you can away from this guy. 


Remember, actions speak far louder than words.

He might be saying all the right things, but pay attention to the little details. These are your clue to his real feelings and intentions.

Don’t give him the benefit of the doubt—he sure as hell hasn’t earned that yet.

If something feels strange or off, listen to and trust those feelings.

Your intuition as a woman is a superpower, so start trusting it. It will never steer you wrong.

Have you ever seen any of these signs and ignored them?

How did that work out for you?

Drop me a comment below.

Your Coach,

signs he's dating other women

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