3 Qualities Men Over 40 Look For in a Woman

When you first start dating in your teens and twenties, you likely have ZERO clues on who you are or what you want from a relationship.

This is totally normal. You’re still learning, and figuring out this crazy thing called life.

Every time you move into a new decade, you’ve banked new experiences, learned a lot of lessons, and gained valuable wisdom along the way.

By the time you get to your 40s, you’ve got a much better idea of who you are and what you want. And chances are, this is very different from the you 20 years ago.

So, if you’re wondering what men are looking for as they get older, I’m breaking it down for you in this video.

FYI: Qualities one and two are based on data, while number three is based on my own experience coaching many men in the past.

Here are 3 qualities men over 40 almost always look for in a woman.

Of course, men are looking for more than just these three qualities, and every man is different. But as a general rule, you can bank on an older guy placing high importance on these three things.


Because they’re looking for a woman who they’re not only attracted to but can also spend a lot of time hanging out with.

Looks are important, but they don’t last, and men over 40 realize this and prioritize different things now to what they might’ve 20 years ago.

As you’ve gotten older, which quality are you most attracted to in men?

Let me know in the comments below.

Your Coach,

qualities men over 40 look for

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